Free US shipping on orders over $75.


We refund the difference in shipping if you are overcharged by more than a couple dollars. All orders ship with insurance and tracking.

We have to do it this way because shipping from the USA is far more complicated than most countries. Prices are determined by a complex relationship between size, weight, and distance, so it is much easier for us to charge a little more on some orders / items and refund when necessary.


You can still send an email to and we will calculate shipping and send an invoice to your email or through Paypal.


International customers: Please be aware of any import duties/taxes your country may charge. You can calculate (approximate) duty fees and taxes here. We have to declare the full value of items on customs forms. This must be done because it is the law and because it allows us to insure shipments which is better for everyone. You as the buyer are responsible for any customs fees/charges. If you refuse a package or choose not to pay customs fees, we cannot be of any further assistance. Since many of our items are ordnance related, we reserve the right to cancel any international order we believe may be seized by customs. We have shipped items all over the world, both to private individuals and government agencies, with very few problems.