Below are links to our different social media pages and groups.

War's End Shop Germany - our German-based website - only active from late April to early July! We travel to Europe every year and set up that website to sell directly from Germany.

Our Facebook Page  - We do post regular updates and occasional sales
Our Tumblr page - We haven't really been as active on this as we should be
8cm Gr.W.34 - A growing resource for information about the 8cm mortar


As for other vendors, At the Front's links page is the only one you really need. You'll find just about every vendor and re-enactment group in the States.

The links below are people I have personally dealt with and like:

At the Front - Rollin Curtis' kick ass repro odds' & ends
Atlantic Wall Blanks - The best source for blanks
Ostfront - Soviet and German repro and original items  - website is back up and running
Bunker Militaria - Great source for unique, original items
Summer Vacation Militaria - Great site for collectors
1944 Militaria - German reproduction items
Hats to Spats-  authentic 1940s ladies' and men's (US & European) fashion


Events and re-enactments: 







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