• Wehrmacht & SS Metallic Silver Tresse 8mm

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    This is either original or early East German rank tresse 8mm wide and made from a metallic silver thread. You can feel the metal; its the good stuff. This has the correct diamond pattern down the center. Ideal for early war or a dress uniform. This is correct for both Heer and SS uniforms as well as Luftwaffe although it is not considered to be the Luftwaffe pattern.


    Sold by the foot, in one continuous piece (unless, of course, you order a massive length that is longer than any single piece we have). A tunic collar requires about 3 feet and shoulder boards require about 2 feet.


    The East Germans did continue making some things like this for a short while after the war before more synthetic alternatives were produced. It is very difficult to say if it is war time or post war made. 

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  • WWII German Wehrmacht & SS Metallic Silver Tresse 8mm
  • Wehrmacht & SS Metallic Silver Tresse 8mm

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