• German Flashlight Batteries 4.5V

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    Reproduction disposable German 4.5V flashlight batteries. This flat type battery was used with many variations of flashlights and even in many bicycle headlights. These are built around brand new batteries and are not rechargeable or refillable. In testing, the batteries lasted over 12 hour of continuous use but did start to dim after about 6 hours. So it should hold up for several reenactments using it normally and not as a lantern.


    We have 2 options to choose from; select one from the drop down before adding to cart:

    • Economy Battery for $4 - We stripped the battery down to its plastic case and applied the correct labels. The black plastic case is still visible on the top and bottom. Looks decent and mostly hides the modern bits once installed making it a decent option just to install and use. This is generally what most other reproductions sold elsewhere look like, passable but not perfect.
    • Reproduction Battery for $6.50 - We stripped the battery down to its plastic case and then carefully covered the case entirely with brown paper to look like an original cardboard battery. All modern markings were covered. Then we applied our reproduction labels. No matter how you look at it, this battery looks correct, making it a great option for display or regular use. Use it and keep it for display. Note: like original batteries the card board wrapping may peal up slightly. I can only apply so much glue and since originals frequently do this it just seems to come with the territory.


    Our labels are printed nearly the same way they would have been during the war. We use an ink that will NOT bleed when wet. The art work was carefully restored to make the printing plates and then the act of printing them produces similar small variations and errors that would have occurred on original labels. They don't look like glossy laser printed labels or ink jet printed home made repros; they look practically original.


    We also have another version of the battery with a Diamon label available here.

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  • German Flashlight Batteries 4.5V
  • German Flashlight Batteries 4.5V

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