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    • End of Germany Trip / Return of Updates

      This year's trip to Germany is almost over. A few items will remain listed on www.warsendshopgermany.com a little while longer as we prepare to pack and ship everything back to the US. 

      This website will be back to the regular 6pm EST Friday updates, starting this week, July 7.

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    • War's End Shop Germany

      Our German website - www.warsendshopgermany.com - is now live! Everything on that website ships directly from Germany (more details available on that site). We are travelling Germany and listing things as we find them. That website does not have a free shipping option, so therefore we tried to price things a little lower than normal to help offset costs.

      This website will still be active and will still ship from the US as normal.
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    • Sale / Upcoming Germany Trip

      This week's update will be a quick sale - we will be listing a lot of items with very little description at reduced prices to get stuff moving (and make room for more!)


      Our spring Germany trip is coming up soon: our first update to our German website, www.warsendshopgermany.com will be on April 28 (6pm EST). We will be updating that website weekly until late June. (More details are on the German website). During that time, this website won't be updated but we will have someone here in the US shipping orders placed on this site while we are overseas.


      We're excited to go back to Germany and hope you will join us on the adventure!

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    • MHF / SOS

      Photos from our set-ups at Military History Fest and Show of Shows.
      Military History Fest 2017 - War's End Shop
      Show of Shows 2017 - War's End Shop
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